Bright Minds Fund

Bright Minds Fund

At PPLE College we believe in an inclusive and diverse academic environment. A lack of resources – financial, social or practical – shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching their academic goals! Therefore, the Bright Minds Fund offers need- & merit-based scholarships for Dutch students of PPLE College. With your help, we can build an across-the-board support system for potential students who possess the curiosity, determination and ability to study at our college but lack the means to apply.

Help us to let these bright minds shine and make a donation.

Find out more about the Bright Minds Fund here.

PPLE is a small-scale honours programme connecting the subjects of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. At PPLE College, promising students become interdisciplinary thinkers, ambitious pioneers ready to analyse and tackle complex societal issues. Alumni have gone on to become legal specialists at the Dutch Council for Refugees, sustainable finance consultants and work at the European Parliament.

Find out more about PPLE College here.

All donations are deductible from personal and corporate income tax thanks to the ANBI status of the AUF. For corporate donors, the Fund requires a donation commitment of a minimum of three years. For private donors, you get the biggest tax benefit if you sign up for five years.

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